Design networks in days, not weeks

  • Comparisons are simply quick changes to design options,
  • Integrates GIS and demand data seamlessly
  • Works with any engineering platform
  • Learn how GioMare achieved a 50% savings in man hours

Insight to Optimize ROI

Greenfield or Evolution of a Network
Easily compare multiple design choices,

  • Model across any technology — Fiber, Fixed Wireless, Copper, HFC
  • Compare options with different service attributes
  • Target market demographic opportunity

NOCPlan gives you the cost and revenue insights to fit your business strategy

Case Study

  • North American Service Provider improved time to plan by 67%
  • Reduced dedicated resources to delivery by 85%

Platform to Automate and Enable Optimized Broadband Network Planning and Expansion and Evolution

You control design guidelines and equipment choices; NOCPlan automatically determines fiber paths, node placements, material cost, installation cost, and total project cost, including ring deployment, lateral cables and equipment for connecting customers. Investigate multiple options for equipment material and installation costs.

NOCPlan Solves the Broadband Expansion Challenge

The Broadband Expansion Challenge

  • Customers need ever increasing speed and quality
  • Capital budgets are stressed
  • Competitors are breathing down your neck

How do you develop an accurate network plan that tells you where, when and how to plan your network investments so that you get the best return on investment, fast?

How do you compare the different design options so that you can be efficient with your budget?

How do you assure a great customer experience, having the services ready for them ahead of demand rather than behind?

How do you make decisions that will carry you into the future, maximizing today’s investments?

The network planning and design process shouldn’t be a hard slog. It shouldn’t have to rely on gut instinct because the ability to apply analytics takes too long.

Our network engineering teams deserve better. Our customers deserve better.

NOCPlan has been developed with a simple mission:

Speed up Decision Making – With More Intelligence – More Accuracy

Design Access Networks – To Serve More People – At Lower Cost