A tectonic shift is underway when it comes to consumer expectations for privacy v personalization. It’s almost quaint to recall that when Computer Telephony Integration was first introduced a mere 30 years ago, representatives were advised to not tell the customer that they knew their name, for fear that the perceived intrusion would drive them away. Today, a growing proportion of the population not only expects you to know their name but to also understand their buying behavior and anticipate what they want next. If you don’t, you risk driving them away.

Consumer expectations for transformative digital experiences are forcing every business in every industry to think about their own strategy for digital transformation.
In the telecom sector, we’re seeing a new wave of MVNOs enter the market, with specific strategies to use Big Data, IoT and a proliferation of enjoyable (and maybe somewhat addictive) applications to win market share from the big players.

And while companies rush in to create new MVNOs, they still need to work with a facilities-based operator to actually carry the traffic. And those facilities based operators need to deliver the performance and pricing model to meet the emerging demand.

This is why one global network operator turned to VCTI for support as they built out a wholesale operation to specifically target this new breed of MVNO.

The VCTI Professional Services team has deep expertise in network planning and management and a framework for testing and test automation, with a track record for on-time, on-budget quality delivery. This operator knew they could rely on the VCTI team to thoroughly test the performance and monetization elements fundamental to a successful service.

VCTI Responsibilities:

  • Developing physical and logical network diagrams for new Points of Presence for multiple MVNO operators
  • Developing and executing E2E test plan for SIM/eSIM with/without profiles for multiple services in MVNO operator networks (2G,3G,4G) across countries.
  • Executing test plan for Operational, bootstrap SIM/eSIM profile registration and de-registration flows along with SMS and Data services
  • Verification of MVNO subscriber configuration, plans and Add-Ons