About Us

About Us

Our roots are in the access network, literally

Technology built by our parent, Velankani Information Systems, can be found in the infrastructure of more than 380 service providers, globally.

From this rich heritage developing network element management technologies, we formed VCTI to help our customers grow and serve the broadband market at lower cost and with greater speed, intelligence and accuracy.

Our customers turn to us to solve “last mile” service fulfillment issues that previously could only be managed through cumbersome manual processes because of their complexity.

Our customers rely on us to automate the process to plan and design broadband networks, comparing options across fiber, copper and fixed wireless, not just in one technology silo.

To solve these problems, we have developed our suite of Automated Intelligence products to automate and scale the processes to:

  • Plan, expand and evolve broadband networks
  • Orchestrate service fulfillment
  • Simplify network operations

Our professional services team offers exceptional expertise in network management and planning, and test automation to some of the world’s leading router and telecommunications companies.

We are VCTI. Helping our customers find a Smart Path to Broadband Growth.

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VCTI Expands

Its Intelligent Automation Platform for Access Network Planning to Model Fixed Wireless and Metro Ethernet Networks


VCTI Announces

Sally Hudson to Join Leadership Team


VCTI Announces

Marc Hayden to Join Leadership Advisory Board

Executive Team

Raj Singh

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer

A creative and dynamic leader and a serial entrepreneur, Raj has been finding innovative solutions to complex problems in the telecommunications industry for more than 25 years.

Raj started his career at Bell Labs and worked on the first commercial data modem introduced to the market, demonstrating a commitment to expanding access to data services long before broadband was a standard.

Raj initially joined Velankani Information Systems (VIS) in 1991 and became CEO in 2003. Under his leadership, Velankani became a full-service consulting firm providing engineering and management services to telecom and data communications firms. Under Raj’s leadership, the company grew 20-fold.

In 2003-2005, VIS was spun off into multiple entities, Velankani Communications Technologies, Inc., Velankani Real Estate, Viteos Fund Services, PhysMed Network, and Network Design Decisions, Inc.

Raj took the helm of Velankani Communications Technologies, Inc. in 2005. Technology developed by Velankani Communications Technologies can be found in the access network infrastructure of more than 375 service providers, globally.

Building from the network element management expertise of Velankani Communications Technologies, Raj established VCTI.IO in 2019 to focus on automated intelligence products and services to enable the expansion and delivery of broadband services with greater speed, intelligence and accuracy.

Raj is a graduate of Queens College, CUNY, and also has for-profit interests in solar energy. He is a volunteer for social causes with a local church.

Stan Lumish

Chief Operating Officer

As COO for VCTI, Stan brings a rare combination of a distinguished technical career in development of optical fiber technology and equally distinguished achievements as an operational business leader, and for service to the US Department of Defense.

A constant through Stan’s career has been his commitment to improving the speed, performance, reliability and access to broadband technology, in first world and developing nations.

Stan began his career at Bell Labs, working on Layer 0 technologies. He then moved to JDS Uniphase, serving in a number of executive roles, including President of the Optical Layer Group and Corporate CTO.

He then joined the US Department of Defense to work for the Task Force for Business & Stability Operations, with a focus on economic development in Iraq and Afghanistan in the technology sector. For this work, Stan received the Joint Civilian Service Commendation Award given by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Stan has a PhD from Stony Brook University, and is an IEEE Fellow, a Bell Labs Fellow and serves on the board of Pilot Photonics Ltd, Yale Hook and Eye Corp, and a non-profit organization. Stan is an active supporter of Code to Inspire (CTI), which uses technology education and outreach to provide Afghan women with leverage in their fight for social, political, and economic equality. He also serves as Chairman of the Board of Pilot Photonics, Ltd, where he was previously CEO.

Sally Hudson

Chief Marketing Officer

Sally joins VCTI after an extensive career with service providers, where she has been a leader of product management and marketing of data and broadband services dating back to her first job in the industry, with AT&T Australia.

Listening to customers and understanding the value of telecom services to solve problems and improve lives has been her trademark, critical to enabling the successful growth of new products and market opportunities that she has enjoyed.

Her experience developing and delivering high growth, quality broadband services also gave her real world insight into the operational challenges service providers face, the source of her appreciation of the solutions VCTI offers and her enthusiasm to expand their impact serving the broadband ecosystem.

Sally is a native of Washington, D.C. and graduate of the University of Maryland. She has worked in Australia, Andorra and the US and has been an active volunteer in her local community and on health issues accompanying vision loss.

Ramu Bodathula

Executive Director, Telecom Services

Ramu is an EMS/NMS subject matter expert, with over 21 years’ experience in software architecture, design, development and deployment of EMS and NMS for various types of network elements.

He joined Velankani in 2002 as a project manager and is currently responsible for architecting and managing NOCVue Unity and QuickChassis. Ramu has lead teams to successfully complete critical system analysis and functional design of telecom applications and sub-components and managed technical resources through a formal SDLC methodology to meet aggressive schedules and budget limitations. He oversees RFPs, proposal generation, project estimating and statement of work for Velankani’s business development team.

Previously, Ramu was employed by Varros Telecom, Wipro Technologies, DSQ Software, working for key customers such as Alcatel Lucent, Acme Packet, OKI Electric, Japan and Citibank, India.

Ray Krauchunas

Chief Finance Officer

The breadth and depth of his experience in the telecommunications industry has enabled Ray, as CFO, to guide the Velankani family of companies through industry downturns and through exponential growth since 2002.

After completing service as an officer in the US Naval Nuclear Power Program, Ray earned his MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management, from where he was recruited into the leadership development program at AT&T.

His commitment to broadband services dates back to the earliest days of the service when he led operations systems architecture for AT&T’s earliest broadband over cable initiative.

Ray has an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management and is on the board of NDDI.

Venkatesh Murthy

Executive Director Engineering

Based in Bangalore, India, Venkatesh joined Velankani in 2003 as a technical manager and was promoted to Director of Engineering in 2005.

He has worked for 16 years in the telecommunications and networking industry and extensive experience working with geographically distributed teams and customers in India, North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Venkatesh has lead teams of up to 10 managers and senior managers and created teams ranging from 2 to 160 engineers to tackle complex embedded and network management implementations. His experience includes development, systems testing, test automation and web/general applications teams in multisite environments.

Venkatesh also held technical positions at Celox Networks (USA), Tata Elxsi (India), DSQ Software and ABB India.


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